Beautiful Words

By happenstance, this morning I came across this photo that I shot before Christmas. I had begun to play around a bit with it using some free botanical images from Creative Market.  I had saved my file titled "Experiment with Typewriter".  So I continued the experiment now with adding graphic elements to one of my photos. 

My thoughts were about what a beautiful thing a typewriter is and what wonderful words and thoughts have come out of them over the years.  Of course now, it's a keyboard and computer for everyone. When we wrote only by hand or with a typewriter, so much more thought needed to go into our words before they were recorded.

I just really like the visual of our words, being chosen carefully to be released to bloom.

It's Lent---It always sneaks up on me.  And, still not sure what I think my Lenten season will look like.  I'm sure I've mentioned on here in past years that I have a tendency to dread Lent.  I need to always stop and remember that we are an Easter people and I can look ahead to the resurrection.  I do believe that Fat Tuesday will look like hamburgers on the grill and grilling beers though!  (With coat, scarf, and gloves on.)


  1. I enjoy you learning new things. Gives me hope to get out of my rut.

  2. Totally missed Fat Tuesday. Yesterday I asked Alexa when Lent started lol, it was yesterday

  3. This is a joyful photo with beautiful thoughts, considering how words are wrecking our democracy. I'm sure that old typewriter must have written some beautiful words. Let's hope the ones we're hearing will begin to turn around into loving and caring words. You always inspire us to better things, dear Jill!! Let our words turn into flowers!!

  4. We are indeed an Easter people! I observe Lent (very loosely) as a way of preparing for that grand celebration of the resurrection. It's not part of my faith tradition, but I am learning more and more to appreciate the richness of following the Church calendar.


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