Over Avocados and Oatmeal

An abridged conversation with my 14 year old this morning at breakfast:

Prayer is confusing.

I know.  Our prayers matter, but God doesn't need our prayers to help us or others.

And people who are baptized still are sinners.

And those who aren't baptized can be really good people.

What's the point?

Sometimes I think the life of a Christian is to figure out 'What is the point?'  When you've felt the hand of God, you know there is a point and you want to spend your life figuring it out.

:::walking out the door::

I think the point is the relationship. Our following Him, delights Him, and our being known by Him brings us joy. And, you're pretty sure you need to evangelize.

What's does evangelize mean?

It means to let others know that this gift of joy is for them too.


  1. Your very special children are so blessed to have you for their mother!!!!

    The photo is awesome - can't think of another word to express what it makes me feel. If walls could speak. It makes me think of Jesus' words "Foxes have dens and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head." And there's an abandoned church where the birds now build nests...


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