Two Sweet Little Needle Books

Happy New Year!!

It's been awhile since I've been able to stop here and post.  I hope you all had a blessed Christmas.  We much gratitude for the season. ♥

Yesterday I got the bug to make Ann Wood's "World's Sweetest Needle Book".  And since I had all the materials out, I decided to make two.

One for the drawer at my sewing machine to hold sewing machine needles and

one to 'travel'.  Travel where?  Upstairs? Maybe the car?  

The traveling needle book has a little pocket for thread.  I took a piece of vintage crocheted trim and hemmed it in fabric so as to stop the raveling and then stitched it on.

On this page I stitched a piece of braided trim to hold a leather thimble.  If you do hand stitching at all, I would really recommend this type of thimble even though appearances are lacking compared to a lovely vintage hard thimble!

I sewed in a length of recycled sari ribbon to hold a teeny pair of scissors.

Basking in all the vintage scraps, picking and choosing was so satisfying, just like when I made the tissue covers.

I pinned those little vintage lace trims in just to look pretty. :) ♥

Now you may think I hand stitch often to put all the time in to making this.  Well, really not all that often.  But I have taken some projects on the go (that link is one of my favorite projects) and I hope to have some ready to go for when I do just want to stitch.  

This little needle book will be the one to keep my sewing machine needles in.  I had been keeping them in one of my daughter's felt 4h project needle books or just throwing them in the drawer.  Then I have to squint with a magnifying glass to see the size after I rifle through the drawer just to find one.

I took a piece of old linen, ironed a piece of freezer paper to it to stabilize it, then put in one of my typewriters to type out the labels.  

That worked so well!

I use any old needle for when I sew on paper so I think I should keep those separate.

I have never actually used a leather needle, but I have some so now if I ever use one, I'll have a place to keep it.

I am thinking maybe this sweetness will keep me organized?!?!

It's been soooooo cold here this past week that it was perfect weather to spend quite a bit of time organizing and sorting all my supplies.  My sewing room/studio is getting spiffed up and ready for more projects.  Up next I believe will be some Valentines!

Have a great week!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I'd go crazy digging through your amazing stash! Imagine where it all originated and traveled over the years into your tender care where it belongs - you're doing such amazing things with it. These are so perfectly vintagely lovely!!!!!

    (I thought I'd made up a word - it expresses what I wanted to say - but it's out there in googleland, in use!)


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