I planted a Forsythia bush maybe five years ago?  Hard to remember.  I think I've only cut the branches early to bloom inside though once before.  This year I remembered and what a treat it has been!  Just so wonderful to see that yellow bud begin to open followed by the green leaves emerging.  

A photo session was in order!  

I've ordered some seeds and have high hopes of growing sweet peas for the first time this year.  I have some seeds soaking already.  Menards has their seeds half off so I  picked up a number of packets so to plant at different times and places in hopes of getting some going.  I'm not really sure how hard they are to grow. I've only known one person who had them in their garden and that was years ago.  If anyone has advice, I'm all ears.

This weekend is to be quite nice here so perhaps we can do some outside work, or just clean the barn...that always needs to be done.   I hope it's equally nice where you are!


  1. The forsythia isn't blooming here yet, but I did bring in some apricot trimmings and put them in water to force blooms and greenery. Sweet peas need fairly rich soil. If you look at Floret Flower's site, she has all kinds of instructions on how to grow sweet peas (and lots of other flowers, too).

  2. I dearly miss forsythia. Back in western PA it grows like weeds and was a favorite of my parents along with snowball bushes and peonies.. not for vegas : (

  3. Beautiful photo!! You're going to love your sweet peas - they're truly a gift with a heavenly scent.


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