Let's Just Cozy Up Here!

Shrinking down to doll size and crawling into a cozy, someone else made it for you, bed sounds pretty good right now doesn't it?

When Ann Wood posted this little DIY bed, I knew I would make one.  I think I've said that about a number of her patterns and projects.  I know I have!

I made this tiny rag doll (from an Ann Wood pattern) maybe two years ago.  It's hard to remember. :)  I still hope to make her some little clothing accessories.  I had hoped to make one for each of my younger girls, but it took longer than I thought.  As do so many things.

I made the pillow, pillow case, and sheet from pieces of a very tattered pillow case.  The little quilt was made from an extremely tattered quilt block I had.  Even though I have quilt blocks in really good shape, I loved the challenge of cutting and resewing the really tattered one into something useful again.

Another old piece that was stained and ripped became the little tufted mattress.  I just love the little swirls in the head board and foot board.  

How are you all holding up?  I keep my news watching to a minimum and my praying to a maximum and then I'm okay.  The girls will have more direction from their teachers this coming week and that will help us out tremendously with their "homeschooling".  Because as much as I love creating and science and can easily teach that, it's been too long since I've really done Math to teach anything successfully. And, it's always easier for them to follow through on requirements from their teachers.

If you follow along on Instagram, you know they've been learning to bake with yeast and two days ago, we began a levain, or sourdough starter as the regular yeast has sold out of our stores.  We've also been experimenting a bit with natural dyes, learning crochet, and just general "life" studies.
They both have their instruments home so will be practicing that too.  

We are trying to walk every day and that is such a gift to get out and about.  
We finished the novena, but of course will continue to pray the rosary for an end to all of this.  For a cure, a vaccine, for healing, for guidance, for everything.

The one thing that I do know and I know for sure: is that God can bring beauty out of all of this.  Pray for graces to come from all of this.  Pray it fervently.  And in that prayer, to me is real light.  I think you'll see it too.  Keep bringing those limitations to Him also.  I heard in my heart consoling words around one of those limitations a few days ago.  And I have felt his peace in the limitations that I feel about the pandemic.  What an enormous gift.

I keep thinking a giveaway would be a good idea.  Does anyone enter those anymore?  I'll have to figure that out.  Happy mail would be nice!

Hang in there, this won't last forever.  It won't!

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  1. It's all so beautiful, Jill! Now your dolly needs a nightie. At least she could crawl into bed and sleep until this is all over - we can't. "The only way out is the way through."

    God bless us, every one of us, and lead the scientists to a remedy. Grant us Peace!
    Thank you once again dear Jill for your uplifting words.


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