Crispy Cinnamon Rounds

I know weight gain could be a real issue during this time and I feel so badly for those who have worked so very hard to establish a gym routine to possibly lose their momentum.  Maybe for others though, this extra time and stress will help lead to a faithful walking routine or routine of exercising with someone online.  There is no shortage of options there!  There is no better antidote to stress than exercise. Well, okay, there is prayer...!  Praying while exercising?  Yeah, good too I think for some people!  I can't say I do that too much yet. My mind seems to engage in prayer differently than exercise.   We are using this time to establish a solid walking routine.  (that's the plan anyway!) I'm actually rather new to podcasts listening and would you believe am completely new to wearing ear buds or headphones within the last year?  I've always needed to listen for kids and just never picked up their use.  When my kids are home, I wouldn't wear ear buds and when they aren't home, I don't need them.  Well, times have changed.  We talk and spend all kinds of time together, so some time apart with head phones on, is now a good thing for short periods of time. My point being, that I've taken to listening to podcasts while I walk and have to say, I am really enjoying it!  Now I just need to find more podcasts that I enjoy.  

So, I talk about exercise and then post another sweet recipe.  Balance?  And, sharing baked goods, is such a gift too.  Share with your family or your neighbors, deliver curbside!!  For us, the younger girls and I are trying to really learn about yeast baking.  A skill that needs practice and lots of it, especially when there are three of us learning.

I found this recipe waaaaay back when I was in high school. I believe it was from a Midwest Living magazine.  I made it and my Mom who was a great bread and cinnamon roll baker, loved it and so I have a memory associated with this of impressing my Mom.  :)  Of course now, I realize how much easier this recipe is than traditional cinnamon rolls, but I'm not sure I realized that at the time.  I've probably only made them twice in my adult life.  At some point that ingredient "yeast" began to intimidate me I guess.  And the directions "let rise"...  Oh gosh, those words years way!  Who had the time or who knew what you would be doing an hour later when the dough was ready??

But, now, we have the time and now you will have this recipe too, because wow, it's so much easier than a cinnamon roll and dare I say...better?!?!  I think maybe so!

Crispy Cinnamon Rounds

2 1/4 C flour
1 pkg instant dry yeast
2 T sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp nutmeg
3/4 C warm water
3 T shortening
1 egg

3/4 C sugar
1/4 C brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
(opt. 1/2 c nuts)

Combine 1 C flour, yeast, 2T sugar, salt and nutmeg.  Add the water, shortening and egg.  Blend on low speed until moistened.  Beat 3 min. at medium speed.
By hand, add the remaining flour.

Cover and let rise in warm place until light and doubled. (an hour or so?)
Stir down.

Combine topping ingredients.  Pour out 1/2 c of the topping on to wax paper or parchment paper, drop about 1/3 cup of dough onto the sugar mixture and pat out to a round shape, flipping it a time or two. Flatten to about 1/4".  Put on a greased or parchment lined cookie sheet.
Bake at 400 degrees for 12 to 15 min.  Time depends on how thin you make them.

Makes about one dozen round at ~4" diameter.  

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