Sticks and Stones and Bricks

"See you make a wish and try to break some glass-you've got to be a pretty good shot these days--oh no George don't, it's full of romance that old place..."

Just in case you all don't watch the movie every year...the quote is from "It's a Wonderful Life" while George and Mary are out walking after falling into the school swimming pool.  

Not a lot of romance here I have to say.  But, it's what I thought of when we saw this room and the bricks.  We had permission this weekend to explore a couple of abandoned buildings on an old property.  I sure do enjoy photographing abandoned places.

I'll post more pictures tomorrow, but I wanted to leave this one by itself.

The metaphors are poignant here.  Life is metaphor and it's completely by design, of that I have no doubt.  Divine design.
I saw the scene and was drawn to it and so took the photo, but I didn't see the metaphor until I began to edit it.

The words, judgments, insults, snide remarks we cast land somewhere within.  
There is someone inside looking out.
Damage is done.


  1. I am definitely on the inside looking out and what I see makes me sad most of the time with a few sprinkles of hope here and there. When did so many get so angry and mean?- oh yeah I remember Nov 2016

  2. I too love abandoned places. I wonder who lived there, will the walls have words for me? What do I sense?
    Excited to see your other photos. There is a place, not to far from me, where old cars go to rust out and die.
    I have been wanting to get some photos there.

  3. You're right - this haunting photo illustrates the devastated feeling that comes with hurt done by others, intentionally or not. We are fragile beings.


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