Leaf Skeletons

I'd been wondering how to begin--my blog that is--It's Fall and almost Halloween, so leaf skeletons are perfect! I realized this past summer that I've taken them for granted. I'm sure that years back I could just step out the door and find one of these little beauties of nature and enjoy. But when I finally got a macro lens a few months back; I headed outside to photograph leaf skeletons. Couldn't find but portions of them and mostly they still had their "skin" on. I kept checking and today when I went out, I finally found one whole one. That was when I knew today was the day to start my blog and what images I could include.

NOTE & TIP: Watch for poison ivy when scavaging for leaf skeletons, and should you stumble upon some (yes, I did!) wash with COLD water and soap ASAP. The cold will close your pores and decrease the chance of the ivy "juice" getting into your circulation. Warm water opens the pores. I hope my next post isn't pictures of my rash!!! If you'd seen our place last summer, you'd have thought we were raising it as a cash crop.


  1. i am honored to be the first of many to comment on your blog. welcome, WELCOME! looks like you are off to a fabulous start.

  2. I think this blog has captured the essence of your "jill-ness." I'm going to print off one of those leaf skeletons pronto! ; )


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