Typewriter Table

A couple weeks ago I hit the last day of an estate sale.  This was the gem that came home with me.  I wonder if most would prefer an all metal typewriter table and that's why this was still there.  I was pretty taken with the combination of wood and metal.

Here's the before.  Pretty decent shape.  Paint or finish the wood? I debated for 1 1/2 minutes.  Since I decided to keep it, I wanted the wood finished.  It has such a nice patina to it!

I just did a quick job on this and didn't even try to get out the stains, but I'm pretty happy with it. I think the blemishes give it "character".  "Good enough for who it's for.."  I sanded it (electric sander) and applied 4 coats of paste wax. (power buffer)  Gotta love power tools. :)

There it is.  All decked out with another table runner redo!

My lovely crocheted rocks have a new home.

Ragged books...milkweed seeds...

The seeds are in a very old mortar that my brother in law and sister in law gave me.  It's beautifully aged.

I gathered a 3 inch piece of burlap and stitched it right on top of the edge of my table runner.  Two layers of stitching secured the loose edges.

A firm pressing keeps the stiff burlap in line.  Should you make yourself one, be sure to stitch all of your edges so it doesn't continue to fray.

I made the little house shaped piece months ago and it's been waiting for a place to land.   I machine embroidered scraps on to a backing, and then  I used rubber stamps to make the word, "home".

This could be a record.  A piece that need work is in it's place with all it's attire in a little over 2 weeks.  :)

I hope your week is going well!


  1. What a great find! I love the metal and wood combination as well as the style. You have made it look wonderful with the vignette and burlap!

  2. Jill, you do such a nice job of accenting things. Such a lovely vignette and I'd love something like this to throw the keys on when I come into the house. Sweet find and great 'vision' :: lynn

  3. KUDOS kiddo! Looks fabulous, and although I admire your work greatly it was the milkweed pods that stopped me cold. Used to play with these as a girl.... I would make wigs and mustaches for my dogs. Not that they appreciated my creativity.

    What a lovely welcoming foyer :D

  4. My Grandma gave me an old metal one years ago. I loved it so much. But when we moved we couldn't bring it with us. I am still sad that I let that treasure go. Mostly because it was a piece of my Grandma who is no longer with us.

  5. Oh... I'm so glad you left the table in all of it's beauty!!! I LOVE the typewriter tables with the wooden tops - I want one!

    Jill - your tablescape is GORGEOUS!!!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  6. I have noticed quite a few of these tables lately. I would have gone for the wood just like you did. I use alot of paste wax and buff ---think I need your power buffer!! Beautiful results!!

  7. It all looks perfect! I love the home piece and those crocheted covered rocks are awesome. I have a typewriter base, no top so I put an old suitcase on top. I love the metal legs. Yours turned out beautiful. t. xoxoxoox

  8. Great little table. Love your foyer btw. Those crocheted rocks are so pretty. I need to brush up on my crocheting.

  9. I love the wood on the typewriter table. I bought one at a thrift store a few weeks back that was all metal. I haven't done anything with it yet...still sitting in my dining room. The entire vignette looks lovely.

  10. I've never seen one with a wood top!
    Love where you've put it and the vignette you've created is so pretty!

  11. Hey Jill! What a sweet little piece! Fits in nicely at your entryway!

  12. Ah, isn't it amazing how a few simple things can be a sight of beauty!

  13. charming
    and inspiring in every way
    you have a VERY good eye Lady!

  14. Beautiful! You have an eye for the inner beauty in things :)

  15. Jill - this vignette is beautiful! of course I would grab this table right away - love the combo of wood with metal - the combination of rough texture with smooth surfaces is so stunning - love it all


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