Saturday Digest

  • The butterflies have been abundant in the tank garden.  New yellow ones showed up yesterday.  I planted fennel for the caterpillars, but they have also devoured the dill, the parsley, and the small snapdragons.  The fluttering life is worth every plant sacrificed!
  • This 2 minute 15 second video humbles me.  This is recycling that makes a difference for a people who live in a world I do not know.
  • This preprinted sampler, also seen here would be neat to highlight vintage fabrics or a collection of small objects!  Thanks Vanessa!
  • I hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. Oh Jill ~ I am so moved by the video you shared...very humbling and thought provoking

    thank you!

    Happy first weekend of fall!
    Your garden sounds like such a happy place!

  2. Thanks for sharing the video. It is amazing that something so simple can make such a huge impact in peoples lives!
    Beautiful photo as usual!


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