Saturday Digest

A little of this...a little of that...

Robelyn at Redneck Chic is having one terrific giveaway!  Head on over and sign up, then sign up again, and just wait, there will be more chances to sign up! I have two of her bags and my daughter has one.  They are so very well made and just have so much personality!!   The first time out with one of her bags I heard..."Where did you get that?!  That is so neat!!" to which I replied, "Well there's this gal in Texas..." and  I went on...  
If you haven't been to visit "this gal in Texas" , please do, you'll leave grinning and maybe carrying your own Redneck Chic pocket book!


Are you on the Pinterest band wagon?  I have one foot on and think I'm about to jump on board.  You can follow my pins here.


Another online (and in print) magazine that I enjoyed perusing.  Check out the textured letters on page 91, very neat!


This set of four vintage glasses found their way home with me yesterday from a garage sale. :)


I will be experimenting with this product, Inkodye, in the next couple of weeks, seems to have a lot of potential!


Have a great weekend!!


  1. well dear Jill
    this post is positively jam packed with goodness...
    but wait ...
    all of your posts always speak to me and draw me in and take me to fun places...

    thank you dear one!

    Brightest of Blessings to you and yours always!

  2. Hee-hee
    THANK YOU!!!! I've been giggling all week-end as I get stuff together for "the box"... LOL!!! And you KNOW your name is going in extra!

    Jill - those glasses ROCK!!!

    Thank You!!!
    ;-D robelyn


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