Texture Tuesday

The theme this week for Texture Tuesday was "free & easy" or themeless... just use one of Kim's textures.  I wasn't going to post a picture today because I hadn't had time to take and process a photo.  But, when I got home this morning from dropping off the girls, the sun was shining in on one the many shoes around here that don't seem to find their home.  And, since I'm always taken with shadows, I grabbed the camera.

I used a layer of Kim's "brushed linen" and one of "yesteryear".  

Now, misplaced shoes take on a whole new light!


  1. How lovely! isn't it funny how it doesn't seem that you can come up with anything and then it hits you! and it turns out great!

  2. i too love light and shadows.....

    thanks for joining in TT. always so nice to have you ...
    xxo, Kim

  3. Sometimes the simplest things make the very best portraits. Lovely shot :) .... Sweet little shoe and her shadow

  4. This is gorgeous. I love the randomness of this photo and the spin (filters) you put on it.

  5. not only is it a beautiful shadow, but the light was beautiful too. i love how the moment caught you and you captured it : )

  6. a whole new light indeed
    Love how even the dots show in the shadow...you have a very good eye!

  7. Good eye Mom and thanks to one of the little girls for a beautiful shot.

  8. what a wonderful spontaneous photo! Mx


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