Mosaic Monday

Sounds like more like the title of a book than the last hurrah for a great birthday. 

A book that goes on something like this...

The past few years had been systematically going through her mind.  Each accomplishment, each disappointment, relived again and again as she sat in the window seat curled up with her favorite blue afghan.  Slowly she'd been savoring on the last piece of birthday cake and with the last bite she resolved that today would be a celebration of what's to come not what was.....

Now, I've made you roll your eyes again! LOL!  Just for fun, how would you start a book titled The Last Piece of Cake?

This cake was from my son's birthday at the end of August and I took the pictures the next day. The cake hasn't been sitting here since then! He put a sign on the cake that he called the last piece. :)

I'm linking up with Mary again for Mosaic Monday.


  1. I know for sure this is delish there is one left ^_^

    Mosaic Monday

  2. Mhhhh....why is there always one piece left...?
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'll bet that last piece didn't last long!

  4. My kids leave "i called it" signs on goodies all the time...the cake does look delish!


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