Tank Garden Update

I just wanted to share a couple of pictures of the tanks again before the blooms fade even more.  I have a few mums and golden rod to take me into the fall.  May need to add more fall flowers for next year.

That fire pit cover leaning against the fence...shouldn't be there :)  It's waiting for inspiration.  Any ideas?

I had two black eyed susan vines grow great guns, but very few flowers on them.  And, this one didn't even have black eyes.  Great foliage though.

My favorite hyacinth bean plant that I raved about here.  Still my favorite!  I have it in three places.

I didn't get to the mulch this summer so I'll wait until spring.

The newest addition!!!  I picked up this culvert at a farm auction on Sunday.  Woohoo!  It is going to be a fountain.  Next spring.  Or the spring after that.  But, in the mean time, it is garden art.

I am so excited about this piece!!  There were three culverts for sale and this was my favorite.  They sold choice and the first time around the bid went too high for me.  Thank goodness the farmer who got the bid wasn't thinking garden art and chose to buy the two less rusty ones, leaving this one for me on the next round of bidding.



  1. Jill the culvert is fab! what a find, I can just imagine it as a furture water fountain, brilliant

  2. What a fantastic piece!! You were lucky and just the right person to have such a piece!

  3. I just love your tank garden. So full of character. Lucky you to get the culvert. The fall color in your garden is great. I need to work on that for next year.

  4. Oh My, the culvert is amazing. hang the fire screen upside down line with moss and plant or just hang it down with some old jewels hanging down to sparkle in the sunlight or old silverware for wind chimes. I love the tank garden!

  5. Love this!! Container gardening is so much easier, great look! xoxo

  6. being in the right place at the right time...I admire your vision and eye for sweet treasures Jill!

    might that wire cover be made into a big hanging basket?

    everything is so lush and beautiful...zinnias are a favorite cut flower and yours are raging!

    great photos!

  7. on my way back to look at your photos again I looked at the other comments ...I don't always read them!
    I Love Kim's idea of adding sparkly bits as a hanging wind chime and cutlery is always a good thing!

  8. I love that culvert. I have two of them at the shabby cabin. Guess they are coming home to the garden this week.

  9. Such beautiful images.

    It would be great to have you link to my meme Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  10. Double sweetness Jill...that new garden art is perfect - and a fountain (sometime) will be awesome! What a great story about the farmer not wanting the rusty one :) isn't it great how things work out?
    By the way - LOVE the orange post....you daughter saying that it looks like Jesus is coming instead of Santa....priceless!!
    Do enjoy your holiday weekend!
    Karla & Karrie

  11. Oh what a place...so much inspiration...BEAUTIFUL!



  12. i have garden envy...could you please come to my new abode...and work on mine for me...???

  13. This looks so great! I love my bean plant too! One of the only things still growing in my garden. I saw a hanging lamp made from a fire pit cover. It was pretty cool looking! I can't wait to see how your fountain turns out!

  14. I have something like that in my garden and two roses that grew all round it and up to the sun! Your garden looks great!

  15. Its amazing on what you had done on your garden. So artistically done. You got the eyes of an artist which other people don't have like that farmer. Splendid job. Cheers!

  16. About the firepit cover- I would use it as a hanging basket, but only plant flowers around the outside(some hanging down, some upright) and put a pie tin in the middle for a bird bath.

  17. Firepit cover into a hanging light or a big hanging planter with chains hanging from a tree


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