Jonesing for Simplicity

And, this is pretty simple. 

Jones soda (occasional treat for kids) = vases for me.  

Filled with just a few easy to grow blanket flowers and it's lovely.

The mosaic...not so easy, but I'm learning!

Linking up with Mary at the Little Red House.

Happy Monday!

Ok, I know "jonesing for simplicity" is a little extreme, but I just had to use the word play, thanks for not rolling your eyes. You didn't, did you?!


  1. LOL!!! I might've rolled my eyes...

    GORGEOUS photos!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  2. love the B&W graphics with the colorful flowers!

  3. Oh wow - I save those bottles, too
    Perfect for zinnia and gaillardia
    :: lynn ::

  4. The Easter bunny tends to bring Jones' soda in the kid's baskets every year - love your vase idea! Cute as always!

  5. A very good way to show case the beautiful flowers.

    Mosaic Monday

  6. No I thought it was pretty clever. Love your mosiac. I haven't done one in so long. I think I forgot how.


  7. Love the shots and the angles. I need to get out more----never heard of the stuff!!

  8. Maybe...just a bit...;)
    Love your mosaic! You did a great job! great composition!

    I'm your newest follower and would love for you to follow me.
    Have a wonderful day!!


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