White Wednesday...the Wedding Revisited

I'm getting a Blurb book ready to order of my daughter's wedding (which was June 4) and thought I'd share some of the photographer's photos with you.

My favorite.

My first baby.  Now, married.  Now, with child herself!!!!!  I'm going to be a Grandma at the end of April!

The Grandpa to be is quite excited himself.  Wow, life is moving fast!  (I know Kyle's parents are also excited!)

Our family with our new son in law.

The wedding party.

Programs we made with paper from Hobby Lobby.  Our first plan didn't work and I have a packet of silver paper waiting for a project. 

Boutonnieres we made.

Our photographer was Royce of  Royce Studio from Omaha.  She was just so laid back and we just loved her.

My little gals right before the wedding.

In keeping with the natural theme, I made pen holders from more pieces of branches.

Lauren made a Blurb guest book with their engagement photos.  It turned out really neat as she added fun quotes here and there to it too.

Our family wedding tree display.

The card cage.

The reception was at my brother in law and sister in laws' vineyard.  Beautiful place!

Annette from Annette's catering and desserts made the cake, desserts, and catered dinner for us.  Can't say enough with how pleased we were with all of her services.
We emailed her a picture of the cake topper we made and some ideas for the cake.  I love what she did.  Natural and elegant.

Soooo pretty.

NY Cheesecake with lots of toppings.

We had bite sized desserts along with the cheesecake. 

The flowers were sooo pretty from abloom florist in Lincoln.

My second oldest daughter was the Maid of Honor.  

Simple place card holders.

Love candlelight :)

The favor boxes held Baker's Chocolates.

The stamped forks.

Gosh, it was fun.

My son in law said he couldn't dance.  They almost didn't have one.  He said he didn't like to dance.  Lauren had never danced more than once with him.  They practiced at home a bit.  HE DANCED ALL NIGHT and he was GOOD!

My husband and I aren't good dancers but we really don't care.  We like to once in awhile anyway. :)

The book hearts held up well actually.  The tutorial can be found here.

If not candles, then torches :)

She took a long nap after the wedding and woke up to eat dinner and dance.  I made the hair pins for the girls from the dress I wore at my sister's wedding last fall.  My son walked by the ironing board, knocked the iron over on the dress and melted it.  So....I was thinking about using it anyway.  That just convinced me to do it. 

If you're new here, you can read more about the wedding projects here.

Now, I guess there may be some baby projects, woohoo!!

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  1. Wow! It was all beautiful! Congratulations on being a grandma! The kids loved their Mr. & Mrs. forks too! Thanks again for doing those for me!
    Laurie :)

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Love the little pen holders and everything you made! Lovely daughter and beautiful family!

  3. I so needed to see how a beautiful wedding was pulled off today! Kinda in panic mode for some reason. Such a lovely family and so many wonderful wedding details! Love your dress!

    I'll have to show a few pics from my Blurb guest book too. Thanks for sharing your daughter's wedding!

  4. Beautiful wedding and yo have such a lovely family:-)


  5. Oh Jill, It is all so beautiful! Congratulations on the baby!! Being a grandma is so much fun!

  6. I loved seeing these, I truly did..how precious a memory, what wonderful news of more blessings to come.

  7. What gorgeous photos - and your daughter is just beautiful (as are all of your daughters). I loved seeing a photo of you here too.

    Now a grandbaby! Oh how special. Our first is 9 months old and it's so much fun!

  8. I love love love everything -- gorgeous wedding! The stamped forks are my favourite! What a stunning celebration


  9. How beautiful!!! Everyone is gorgeous... and you look awesome. Your daughter is beautiful... the text paper hearts look great! Congrats on the new grandbaby in April, too! Your life is blessed!

  10. How lovely...just like a fairy tale come true!

  11. How wonderful!! That must have been just thrilling for you .... I look forward to the future wedding days of my daughters! And a new little baby on the way - that's more than icing on the cake isn't it?!

  12. Such a beautiful family Jill. The wedding was gorgeous and the bride (your sweet girl) stunning.
    I am in love with your dress!

  13. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    CONGRATS, ms. grandma jill!!!!!!

    and, the wedding, the decor...mmmm, delish photos!

  14. So fun to see it all AGAIN (I never get tired of seeing this wedding-- you did some amazing things with humble materials- love it ALL!)
    Major congrats on your upcoming grandchild (they did not waste time!)

  15. Oh Dear Jill ~ Just as I am known to do being at a wedding in person...I cried looking at your beautiful photos...there is just SO much Love and warmth and happiness captured here.

    And a new life ... so much to be grateful for!
    You all look so sweet and lovely...I really can't find the words! sniff sniff :)

  16. Everything looks so beautiful. Congratulations on your upcoming grandchild!

  17. My most sincere congratulations on becoming a Grandma. Lauren is a lovely young lady and will be a superb mom! Big HUGS! And yes, I am stalking your blog----LOVE IT! Hope to see you soon at an auction! :)
    SH in the Library

  18. Congatulations on the newest member of your family! Your daughters are beautiful! I love the wedding ideas. Very unique!

  19. I've said it before and I will say it again. Jill, you and your family are just GORGEOUS!!! I can feel all of the love even here in Texas!!!

    And OH MY GOSH!!! CONGRATULATIONS to you and Lauren and Grandpa to be and Daddy to be!!! I'm so excited I just yelled out over my monitor!!!

    All my love and prayers winging it your way!!!
    ;-D Robelyn

  20. jill.....the wedding photos are awesome !! your little ones are so cute...i am so sorry to read that you are having issues again. it seemed you had a little reprieve...hang in there...i'm thinking of you and praying for you...mom's have such wide shoulders..dont we? (and a grandma !! whoo hoo) enjoy the pleasures.


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