As Winter Approaches

I thought I'd show you a few additions to my tank garden.  I'm slowly working on it, but sadly need to wait for spring for plants for it all to come together.  I thought this tractor sprinkler was perfect for this space!

 This is kind of a different wash tub than what I usally see so was pretty excited when I picked it up at an auction a while back.

 This porch swing was picked up at a garage sale.  I took the chains off it and sat it on cinder blocks to make a bench in front of one of the tanks.  I'll do something to camouflage the blocks this spring.  I'm thinking paint and plants.

 Back when I was making teacup bird feeders I made quite a few plate flowers too, and finally have a place to put them.  I think I'll like the contrast of the plants with the glass.

More plate flowers

These are more like cup and saucer daffodils.  I love the pattern and color!

My sister gave me a kit to make stones with words many years ago....I finally made one!  Right away I went and bought more concrete to make more.  Now, just have to decide what words I'd like.  Any suggestions?!

A big wagon wheel makes a perfect trellis.  Now, get out a paper and pen and right this down. Hyacinth Bean Plant.  Now, look for it and plant it this spring.  I sound bossy don't I?! LOL, just making a point! REALLY, it's one of my all time favorite plants I've ever had!    I planted it from seed, and it was the only seed that wasn't washed away in the torrential rain and flooding we had the night after I planted my seeds in my new tanks. 

And one more photo that I played with using Kim Klassen's textures.  This old window came from the farm and the glass is completely covered in age.  It doesn't even wash off in the rain and honestly I don't think I'm going to wash it off.  Kinda like it covered in "age".  (That's code for dirt and grime btw.)

Those are cockscombs in the foreground.  They remind me of my grandma.  She had them hanging upside down in her basement to gather the seeds.  I do the same except in my laundry room to dry them and display them.  I have an old pill bottle that she labeled in her handwriting, "cockscomb seeds".  Kind of neat.  She was special.

Have  great week and don't forget that I need suggestions for 7 letter words or less to make more stones for my garden!


  1. Lovin that tractor ~ what a glorious garden you have ~ wonderful ideas and uses of vintage finds!

  2. Love your code for age, too funny. Tea cup and plate flowers are such a cute idea, I have never heard of it before, too fun. Words for the stones? hum...Laugh, friends, grow, water me, sun, smile, peace, hope, love, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness, joy, faith. Have fun with your wonderful project!

  3. Jill! You can't go coverin' up those cinder blocks... I'm just sayin'. LOLOL

    It's all so gorgeous!!! I love the turbine - and the swing - and the china flowers! I can't wait 'til spring!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  4. delight, gather, enjoy, beauty...

  5. WHAT GREAT IDEAS! thanks so much for sharing with us!

  6. Here are some words for you, serene, grace, beauty, behold, believe, wonder and awe. You're garden is going to be like my daughter says prettiful.

  7. Dear Bossy, LOL! Loved that...and just so you know, I followed the directions! What a gorgeous plant!!! So many scrumptious things going on in this post I don't know where to start. The sprinkler, the turbine, the flower plates, the story of your grandmother's seed jar...all of it, loved it! More word possibilities: peace, trust, content, breathe, listen, cherish. Love the ones Kris suggested as well! Xo, Sue

  8. That plant is gorgeous so I'm taking your advice and finding some seed for next spring! Your garden is going to be that sprinkler.

  9. discover, bloom, begin, create, pause, reach, explore...I know discover is 8 letters, but I couldn't resist!
    amy of four corners design

  10. Wandering down your blog trails again... how about "COLLECT", "CHERISH", "GATHER", "NURTURE", for starters. How many more "stones" have you made since this post? This garden is already wonderful-- even without many plants (can't wait to see it this year all leafed out).


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