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Covet Garden

This is the cover of the 3rd issue of Covet Garden's online magaizne.  How can you resist that photo?! I found this wonderful online magazine a couple of weeks ago and thought you all might enjoy it too.  If you like it, be sure to subscribe to it so you will easily know when they come out with a  new issue. 

I actually remember how I came across this magazine...

Dottie Angel
...from here.  This delightful and quirky spot in the blogworld.  I have no idea how I came to find Dottie Angel....but, I was instantly taken with her and her style.  This photo almost made me squeal.  She calls her style "Granny Chic". I actually googled "Granny Chic" because I hadn't heard of it...Yeah, well, turns out I not only live secluded on our acreage, but, a bit secluded in the online world.  The term is there.  The style is there, and I love it!  I think our "college girl" bedroom would be wonderful all decked out in "granny chic." 

Dottie Angel

My girls had finally convinced me to pull off all my doilies and now I'm loving them all over again in a new light!  I can hear my daughters groaning now...

I hope your week is shaping up nicely!


  1. Thanks for all of the great info. I guess I live under a rock because I have not heard the term Granny Chic either....I have a feeling I could really like that style.
    Have a great week.

  2. Hmmmm. granny chic ... i'll have to check it out too! that typewriter is so great ... it's succulent!


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