Texture Tuesday

A couple of weeks ago a tree fell down on the path that we have through our acreage.  My husband and son went out to move it away.  I caught them after the two big cuts.  Our chainsaw is medium sized and this job could have used a larger one but they were able to get through it pretty quickly.

You know I was thinking that more garden stepping "stones" would be neat. I was also reminded of this Mosaic Monday post.  But, not enough time nor enough sharpened chain saw blades handy!  This is a Cottonwood as opposed to Oak that the other tree was.

As soon as I get a chance...I have a number of photos from this night that will make a fun stop motion video. You could say I have a number of projects waiting for "when I get a chance..". Ha!

I used two of Kim Klassen's textures (vintage companion and the wall) on the above photo.

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  1. This is an interesting composition. Lots of stories could be told from the position of your subjects, their expressions, and that oh, so telling, chain saw in the middle. Fun!

  2. How is it that even summer days are not long enough for all we have plans for ♥

    The photo is really wonderful ... so much more powerful than a posed portrait

    trying to stay cool here in HOT and HUMID Virginia

  3. That's a neat shot ... I love the composition. Sorry about your cottonwood though ... I love those trees

  4. Great shot and processing. I love their expression!


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