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Last weekend we stopped at my Mom's for just a few minutes. She was sorting some sewing stuff and here was this pincushion.  Blast from the past!  I'm not sure if I made it or if one of my sisters did, but I remember using it and taking the layers apart.  I realized this was a perfect first knitting project for my 13 y/o.

I told her this would be cute photographed like the Mollie Makes Magazine covers.  So, we did!

What fun!

It's ready for pins and needles and yes, that is a thimble in the center!

This really is a perfect first knitting project.

Some Mollie Makes and Pin cushion links:


  1. Such a sweet knitting project - probably one even I could do - I'm no knitter!

  2. I have a 'thing' for pin cushions ... you almost make me want to try knitting again ...
    crochet seems to be more for me

    Love your precious Claire Makes photo AND pin cushion (dare I say I have a thing for thimbles too ;) )

    Thank you for the links
    Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend ♥

  3. Wonderful pincushion and brilliant photo! Any 13 year old would LOVE to have this in their "portfolio"!


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