Saturday Digest

One of my 13 y/o's 4-h projects in the works!  It turned out pretty neat, hopefully a picture of the finished project will follow.

The petunias renewed!  See this post for the tough love.  This picture was taken 3 weeks after the trimming.  Pretty soon they'll be ready to trim again.

Although I think I've over fertilized as the leaves are getting a tad yellow.  Oops.

Do you use Instagram?  I thought it was a silly thing months ago, just like texting.  Now, I use both and really think Instagram is great!  They have added the ability to Instagram 15 second videos which is kind of fun.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Loving the 4H project! Looks awesome. Your petunias are lookin good!!!! I do use Instagram! I'll look for you! Have a great weekend!

  2. way cool. Details on the loom please?

  3. Cool project ... Lovely petunias ... Instagram is cool but watch your kids if they use it. My daughter had 400+ followers at which point privacy is meaningless. The kids love to get lots of followers and follow lots of people and there's some skanky stuff out there.


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