Texture Tuesday

Happy Tuesday to you!

There are a few variations on this quote, but this is my favorite.  We recently took a short vacation and on it we saw a production of Joseph.  Joseph of the Old Testament, not Joseph, the father of Jesus.  The story is one about forgiveness.  Which really, isn't the whole Bible about forgiveness?

I pray that those reading this post will be given the grace to know who they need to forgive (maybe it's yourself), the grace to know what that forgiveness looks like, and the grace to do it.  Because part of the story of Joseph, is that is was through God that he could forgive.  We certainly can't do it on our own.

I'm linking up with Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday.
The above image was taken in my tank garden after my kids had trampled some flowers.  
The quote came to mind. :)  I textured it with Kim's texture "organic".


  1. How wonderful to see that production. Forgiveness is a hard pill to swallow sometimes.

  2. Beautiful! Lovely image and I love the way the words fit into it.

  3. What a great quote, never heard of it before, really makes you think and perfect for the image setup. Lovely

  4. Lovely photo and quote Jill
    Forgiveness is definitely a powerful and necessary thing in this life


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