Balloon Sticks--A Great Find!

A number of months ago I came across balloon sticks at Hobby Lobby.  It was a light bulb moment as they say.  I make what we call "Happy Day Bouquets" as gifts and realized that these balloon sticks would be perfect to add a balloon to a bouquet.

This is from my daughter's 8th birthday celebrated this summer.

And, here I used them to make a simple balloon bouquet from another party.

And, of course they are reusable!!
Although, I often use a dot of hot glue to hold the cap in place that hooks the balloon to the stick.  You can still reuse it.

Now, recently when making a Happy Day Bouquet for some reason I grabbed a sharpie and drew a face on  one of the balloons and a stick puppet was born!!

Meet "Grandpa".

And, "Grandma"

Who lives on the other side of Grandpa.

Then I realized that these would be perfect puppets for the little girls to take to the fair.  

The youngest girls are "Clover Kids" and their projects aren't judged yet.  The puppets can have two personalities with faces on both sides.

My 13 y/o got in on the fun too.  Doesn't this look like a teen ager's puppet? 

A little ribbon collar finishes the puppets off.

If they pop, oh well, make another.  Balloons are pretty cheap!  

These are seriously so fun!  But, I'm a big puppet fan.

Balloon sticks~definitely a good find!

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  1. looks like we were both on the fun train this week with our bubbles and balloons! Love the grandpa with the square glasses. That one has real personality.

  2. Jill - Thanks for mentioning my fun blog hop linky party on The Jenny Evolution. I really do love reading what everyone posts. Happy Friday!

  3. What fun !! i love the faces :) great idea !!

  4. Well it sure looks like you all had a lot of fun with these!!

  5. yes...delightful fun...perfect for a summer day...

  6. balloon sticks - a perfectly delightful ida. I've never heard of this before...glad you enjoyed the celebration!

  7. And I've never heard of them ... I love the pics of the three girls behind the balloons :).

  8. Well, I MUST say, they are pretty darn versatile! You've shown that everyone must HAVE them! :)

  9. What great creativity Jill and some lovely party fun!
    we stumbled upon some balloon sticks at a party store when our boys were young...
    they are still here after lots of use over the years...
    you make me want to make myself a balloon bouquet ... just because :)
    ♥ Patty

  10. What a fun find and a fun post! Who doesn't love a balloon!!!!


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