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Cheese Puffs

I tried this recipe from Lorrie a couple of days ago.  YUM!  I used swiss cheese, oregano, and chives just like she did and we all loved them.  Next time maybe I'll try another combination of cheese and herbs to experiment.

  I told the kids we were having appetizers for dinner which impressed them. Appetizers beyond snacking on whatever we are making aren't common around here. 

The cheese puffs were  followed up by Tombstone hamburger pizza. 

We also thought these would taste good for brunch.  They would pair well with an egg dish, sausage, or bacon.  Maybe even put crumbled bacon in them?!

Thanks Lorrie for this great recipe!!

I found out through a reader's email that this tree in my tank garden is called Ailanthus or "Tree of Heaven" and was advised to take it out as it is a spreading type of weed tree.

I love it there and was thrilled to learn that it is known as the "Tree of Heaven"!!

However, further reading really does intimidate me about leaving this tree too long.  I have now seen more sprouting about our acreage.  They sound like they are as invasive and hard to control as Chinese Elms. 

Suzan at Old Grey Mare is 60 today!!  Stop over and tell her Happy Birthday!!

This class, Sewn, would be "sew" fun to take!  The video is inspiring!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Love these digest posts. I saw that SEWN class too and thought it would be great. Thanks for the links. Glad you enjoyed those puffs!

  2. I was curious about the tree and found out it is the tree referenced in "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn". We have a lot of them growing along the roadside here in TN.

    1. That's interesting! I've never read the book but now you have me interested in it.


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