Texture Tuesday

We, meaning my 13 year old daughter and I,  have a basket of needles and yarn waiting for time and patience to work on a 4-H project.

I had found what I thought was a very simple pattern for a scarf for her to knit.  Not so.
I don't know much about knitting so I Googled.  
Good gravy how did those poor souls live before being able to Google the answer to their every question?! Ha!  I lived quite nicely before Google and the internet, but I don't want to live again without it.  

I'm not sure what that says about me.  Me, who loves all things old and nostalgic.

Anyway...back to the knitting.  There has been just as much "unknitting" as knitting and I'm thinking there will not be a knitting entry for the fair this year. 

So it goes.

She made a really pretty flower arrangement though for the fair with no "unflowering" needed!

I'm linking up today with Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday.  Both images were textures with "Soft and Sanded Shakespeare Sonnet" desaturated.

Photo template courtesy of Paint the Moon.


  1. I like the way you have presented your image, lovely soft edit.

  2. So pretty, love how you've edited these. We've had similar knitting experiences - makes it all rather unrelaxing!

  3. let me know if you still want an easy pattern. I can scan for you. It's from a teen's knitting book. EXTREMELY EASY. I did it, so proof it's easy :D

  4. I hear ya about the google (or internet in general)! You have a lovely site and this week's edits are really beautifully done.

  5. I can't even tell you how many times my daughter took apart the first scarf she knitted. I am no help in that category either. Good thing she can google :)

  6. can't knit at all...even though my mom was a spectacular knitter! love the photos and the vintage photo frames...

  7. I truly admire anyone who can knit...I can attempt to make a scarf and have a skinny one in the drawer unfinished! It is such a talent and it's not one of mine. Lovely, lovely photos!

  8. The vintage editing on these is so good -- I really wondered if they were 50 years old :)

  9. I need to learn to knit. But then I'd acquire all the supplies,,, and Lord knows I have enough stuff already! ha! So I've put it off..... Love the textures... I need a refresher course with Kim... I forget so easily these days!!!!

  10. I think before the Internet, you would have had to find a knitting circle to join - and that's fun too :)


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