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Happy Tuesday :)

The Psalms which include the words "Sing a New Song" come to us every once in awhile here.  Do you ever find yourself wallering in the same thoughts?  the same fears?  the same ol' same ol'....

I'm pretty sure we aren't alone in this.  Which is probably why God gives us the encouragement to sing a new song.

Maybe you don't sing the new song very well and can only hum a few bars until you're back to the same old song, but give it a try. It's a start.

So what's a new song sound like?  
It may be words of affirmation, words of praise, a new way of seeing something or someone.  
Thoughts that are positive.  
Thoughts that are different from the ones that weigh you down. 
Very small thoughts of forgiveness that open the door just a crack and it lets in just a tad bit of light.  

A new song may be thoughts that are just plain happy.  
Choose a happy song.

Your new song may feel so good that you sing it just a tad louder the next time. 

I used Kim's textures Canvas Back and Stamped Softly on the above image of a zinnia from my tank garden.
Linking up with Kim for Texture Tuesday.


  1. Such a pretty flower, beautiful texture work !
    Nice week,

  2. Lovely photo, and lovely thoughts as well. Sometimes changing the tune is all we need to do to change our attitude. Thank you, Jill.

  3. what a gorgeous flower...and wonderful thought...reminds me too of a Barbara Streisand song I sing sometimes to myself..."Sing"

  4. Very lovely! And the topic tomorrow in the bible study I attend.... is The Psalms! Loved your post.

  5. Stunning image. Enjoyed your post!! :)

  6. Beautiful image and edit. Love your words too, so true.

  7. Wonderful thoughts...I will remember this :)

  8. I enjoyed this post - it made me smile and think about times I thank our Lord simply for having a wonderful day, or the smell of wild roses, the horses posing in the pasture across the street. Life is so darn busy and it rushes by and so do I.... but HE's ever present isn't HE? Jennifer

  9. Lovely Post Jill
    singing a joyful ♫song ♫ full of gratitude...


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