July in the Tank Garden

On the list for next year...new soil in these pots!  Chamomile is pretty happy here though.

New to me this year, a Penta plant.

I don't remember what this plant is called right now, but I love it!  It's in some type of funnel/strainer which sits in a lamp shade frame.  Perfect plant stand. :)

Yellow, is my favorite color and favorite color of flower.

Liatris and Love in the Mist

Dahlberg Daisy volunteer.  Love these little happy surprises!

My Garden statue Ruth with her lovely crocheted stone sent to me from a friend.

Our cat, Runs With Wolves.  Yep, that's her name.  Not sure why my oldest named her that many years ago when she was a kitty.  Now, she would be more aptly named Runs Without a Tail as she had to have her tail amputated a few years ago.  She always joins us in the garden.

Heliotrope, it's growing for me this year!!!
Smells great!!!

The view from one of the chairs.  When there a time to sit with tea or coffee, it's a treat.

~Have a great day~


  1. Such beauty! You will love the Penta! I always have red ones... the butterflies love them. My new yard is very manicured... I do miss my random plantings!

  2. beautiful! I love your odds and ends planters - like the funnel sitting in a lampshade frame - lots of inspiration! as usual!

  3. Such a great garden & pictures! Hope you have many more moments to enjoy!

  4. Beautiful garden. I love all the unique containers. Heliotrope is so wonderfully scented - vanilla and baby powder are what I think of. Enjoy!

  5. I don't quite know how I missed this! I was thinking of your tank garden and came to take a look! What a magical place! Thanks for sharing.


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