Continuous Shutter Release

We had a family reunion last Saturday.  For the last number of reunions, after the gathering at a hall for the noon meal, a number of family members gather at my Mom's for more visiting and target shooting.

I don't shoot myself, but it's fun to watch. And this year I thought that maybe I could get a good Gif out of it.

Setting my camera at a high shutter speed and continuous shutter release did the trick. Photoshop helped a bit too. You can see the shell casing as it flies above my bother's head.

We had the nicest time catching up and getting reacquainted with family members.

How about you?  Do you have family reunions in the summer time?  We still have two more to attend!  Pretty sure there won't be guns at the next ones though.

I hope you had a nice 4th of July celebration!  God Bless America!


  1. I think you need to remove the above comment. ha! Or not! Maybe you should leave it. I don't shoot either..... but my son, SIL and husband love to go clay shooting. We had a family reunion a couple of weekends ago here at the house..... mostly eating, swimming and golf. And then in early June we went to another one that involved a bigger group at a hall and a restaurant and just lots of retelling of the old stories! Love your gif!!!

  2. I like the gif you did. Fun to watch.

  3. That's more fun than a video - it's like how they made movies a long time ago :)

    We don't have family reunions - except for the occasional cousin getting married. I am heading out to the Chicago area in a couple of weeks to visit with my Aunt, 2 Uncles, and several cousins. I always look forward to that. We usually do the city for at least one day. And a swim in Lake Michigan is on my bucket list this year :)


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