Would Anyone Give 25 Cents?

The auctioneer, begging for a bid said, "Would anyone, anyone give 25 cents for all five chairs?" and even though my brain was saying "Don't do it, don't do it", my mouth which often doesn't listen to my brain said, "Sure." After all it was an act of mercy, he was desparate to get rid of them. You see they have been rejected at past auctions.

In fact this particular one was marked no bid at the auction I was at last month. You would not believe how hard my brain had to work to keep my mouth shut last month. But it did. My brain even stopped myself from stopping in the following week as I drove past the auction house picking up kids from school. I knew this chair would be waiting and Lloyd would be happy to sell it to me for a quarter. To get it out of there. But, I must have been destined to own this awesome chair with it's curved legs. And it's friends. My husband says nothing--just--"Do you want these down in the barn?" Good golly he's a good sport. No auction remorse though, these are cool chairs and they were basically free.
Now, what to do with them? I have some ideas but I have lots of ideas about a lot of things--so--in the mean time if anyone wants one---I could part with it for- let's say a plate of cookies? or maybe a quarter?

Now, this chair is a different story. It's my friend's chair that she bought yesterday at the auction. Oh, how sweet it is. After she bought it, I have to say I wanted it. I did. So, I asked her if I could borrow it to take pictures of it. She's putting it out in her garden so was in no hurry to have it home. I'm holding it hostage until she comes for lunch some day. The colors on it and the random paint splatters are perfect. Maybe I could replicate that on one of my chairs???


  1. love them. and way to go. way to stop the voice trying to stop you. of course if brent knew i was bringing four MORE chairs home he would say "as long as there's not a table with it"

    we have about 4 tables.

  2. My mom would have done the same thing, because she felt sorry for the ugliest chair! Me, I would have done it too just for the "best deal" syndrome. And, what control you have... waiting a whole month for that red jewel!

  3. Wow! Why do we even make new stuff...with so much cool old stuff needing new homes. I love all three of the old metal ones...the red is awesome!

  4. Oh the red chair is heavenly. What a great deal!


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