Garden Planning

(Photo from Henry Field's Seed Company)
One item I'm planting this year that I haven't planted in quite a few years are Cinderella pumpkins. How sweet are these?--you know they grow in the shape of the pumpkin in Cinderella that was turned into the coach. I have rarely seen them for sale at harvest time and the seeds aren't available anywhere locally here.
So if anyone is interested, they can be purchased here , also here and here.
This year I'm ordering one packet from a shop called ConsciousLiving on Etsy. I almost forgot that Etsy sells plants and food items too. There are a lot of choices of seeds there! Check it out.
The wonderful thing to do with these is to clean them up and spray them with a clear acryllic finish. If it's your style add a bow or some type of adornment on top. The clear finish makes them look superb!
Just thought I'd give you a heads up if you're a gardener so you can get some planted yet this year. I'll keep you posted on how mine turn out.


  1. not sure if we have room for pumpkins but its worth an extra thought. i want to have shiny pumpkins this fall.

  2. Those are beautiful pumpkins! I think I'll grow some and then give them to Leah!


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