Surprise Belated Birthday Gift

Yesterday, I was surprised by a friend stopping in bringing me a belated birthday gift. Such a fun bag to open--coffee, tea, Martha Stewart magazine, wine, and a vintage teapot! In all my collecting I don't have one teapot. This friend of mine collects antique and vintage teapots. Now I have one and I think it is the sweetest one I've ever seen. AND she brought me a carrot cake which the little gals and I promptly dove into. It's a Good Thing. (sorry, had to say it)


  1. Happy belated Birthday!! Ain't friends grand...looks like you've got a keeper! How sweet of her:)
    Ohhh that carrot cake looks yummy...that's my favorite frosting. Lucky your friends not like me she'd have brought you a denuded cake;P

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LADY!!! That's what friends are for!

    I love surprises and you got the best surprise spec. your day. Your vintage teapot is just adorable.

    Sweet friends & sweet cake, make one's day perfect.


  3. Well, happy belated birthday to you!!! And what wonderful gifts you received!


    hope you had a most delightful one. and yeah for you getting a delightful gift from a friend. here's to you, kindred.


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