I Can Make That!

What a great idea, huh?! This project was found here and is by Ki Nassauer of Junk Revolution and her blog is called Junk Camp. If you like junk, creating, repurposing, or just to look at cool ideas you'll want to check it out. AND if you're from Nebraska--you'll want to check out yesterday's post for sure. Look where her feedsack came from!
ANYWAY, back to the post title: I Can Make That!

Look what was under the snow in the back yard this spring? Left out from the playhouse--yeah, I let the girls play with neat vintage stuff in the playhouse--I mean could it get better use than little girls playing with it?

Yes! Maybe it can--I'm making a planter out of it now! Maybe I'll hang it on the playhouse. I'll wait for a bit warmer weather though.


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