Dress Up

There's a lot of "dress up" at our house.
Even a vintage apron works as a dress when she can't find anything else.

Sometimes a lot of dancing when dressing up. I've never saved the older girls' dance costumes in a safe box. They've always been available to dress up in. After all, now is when they'll have fun with them not years later to look at once every ten years or so.

This was taken last summer but wanted to share it. (The pacifier is a thing of the past-wwhheeww!)

I adore old hats. Wish I could wear one now. I know some people could pull it off but me? Never--plus a hat at the grocery store??? or doctor's office??? (the only places I go)

What a good sport!


  1. i think i want to come over and play. it looks like you are always having a good time.

  2. Your daughters are adorable! I agree with you letting them enjoy their costumes now...the photos and memories will serve them better down the road anyway.

    Your husband is too funny! Great sport is right!! He looks ready to join Monty Python's Flying Circus! lol.

  3. you have such a great blog! love these pics of your little ones scampering around and dressing up ~ miss those days!

    xo heidi


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