I'm so unrealistic but I WON'T give up. I am determined to learn....learn....learn.....photoshop and how to make my own banner. I just spent a long time we'll say--not really revealing how long--trying to edit a picture and loading a new banner. I have dreams of something grand but I have to settle for a picture I like with a simple title that is close to the color I wanted. That is until I learn more. I even went looking for tutorials.
Anyway--point is--I was so engrossed I'm not paying really close attention to the little gals of mine. Oh I know they are safe because they are playing around behind me. In fact my two year old is "playing" the piano directly behind me singing "rockin' the rosie". I just got up to go get lunch and realized that Nora (two year old) is actually naked- buck naked playing the piano. I scream "Nora where are your clothes?!" and Audrey (three year old) says "I have clothes on!" When I look she's in her nightgown with snow boots on---
SHEESH!! I need to learn fast!


  1. You might need to start writing for the show "Motherhood"!

  2. I happen to LOVE your banner ..
    it is simply beautiful and it truly speaks volumes .. .
    This post makes me smile, as I too sooooOoooo want/need to learn PhotoShop.
    TIME, I need more TIME!!
    Have you looked on Lynda.com ...
    or here ...
    Much helpful info I have yet to find the TIME to peruse! But I persist ..
    My Best ~ and nice to meet you ~

  3. OMG! I'm laughing so hard!! That is the funniest thing I've read all week!!! I imagine I would have pee'd my pants if you had a photo of the whole scene!


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