Big Birthday Bash

Leah at Moxie Photo and Design is having a big long celebration which includes her birthday. She's having lots of giveaways and the picture above kicks off the party! The photo is from my Etsy shop jillruthandco. It's a through the viewfinder photo so all the dirt and grainyness is all part of the charm of the picture. You can enter to win the picture here--and you can enter multiple times--up until the drawing next week!!
Leah talks about how our friendship began. I'd like to expand on that. I carried this awesome business card around in my purse for about 7 months wanting to find more cards like these:
I had purchased them at the Nebraska State Fair-Nebraska products booth. I can't say how much I love them which is why they've never been mailed to anyone---that---and the fact that I am the worst "card sender" around. Really want to rectify that. But I may still just hang these up here.
Anyway, when I finally looked up her web site that led me to Etsy and her shop. I loved it all--Etsy and her shop. She had listed a year's subscription to a polaroid picture a week. I thought "who in the world would want to buy a year's worth of polaroids in this day of digital????" I believe I even laughed out loud--sorry Leah--and the day went on and it stuck with me. Then I looked at her pictures again and saw how awesome they all were again and saw the charm of polaroids. You see composition is the key in polaroids. Key-and I love Leah's style. And with polaroids--no editing--that means you have to be good, very good in your composition because film is expensive and now sadly no longer available. By the end of the day I knew who would buy a year of polaroids--I would!! And I would give the subscription to my daughter Lauren who would be going off to college in the fall. She would have something in the mail every week to look forward to. I soon realized though that just the pictures wouldn't be enough. She would need something to put them in. Something special to reflect the art in the pictures. Who would be better to come up with something than the photographer herself. So I contacted Leah who was more than happy to come up with an album of sorts. And she did. She sent me a vintage scrapbook with polaroid photo sleeves added and little embellishments here and there throughout. The gift was now complete. And Lauren loved it--loved it. She is still receiving the pictures and will until July. Lauren embellishes and adds to the space around the pictures. I can't wait to see it when it's all done! I will share it here for sure. I don't think she still sells a year with a picture a week but there is still a subscription for a button a month left here. Such a great gift for someone away from home or for a friend who you don't see often. The gift that keeps on giving!

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  1. Love Leah!! I am making some spoon necklaces for her and I hope they turn out good enough for her!!! hehehe!!


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