Sifting Through Ideas

What a fun idea huh?! Vanessa at BloomRightHere posted this a couple of days ago. I like to see innovative lighting AND I'm selling a sifter in my Etsy shop so this idea really clicked. You can see it here. I think it would work good to use it as a shade in a table lamp also.
Thanks Vanessa for letting me share your idea!


  1. Fun light! I love that folks are being creative with lighting. It is not as scary as most think. I would have paid a quarter for the 5chairs...

  2. Now that's one funky light! My husband is an electrician and he recently installed some can lights is a coffee shop that were real coffee cans...that's what that light makes me think of. Very creative!!

  3. Thanks for featuring my light. How fun to see it on another blog.

  4. i was just sitting here playing around with different plays on words or funny quips. and i got nothing. ok, some things, but not worth writing. i do like that. i think it would look fab in a country vintage kitchen. or a super modern city kitchen!


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