The Bedroom Makeover Part 3

Apparently I took this picture quickly.  How did I miss those tangled beads?!  And, to go back to retake the picture?  Pretty sure it's no longer picked up in there!

Well, I'm finally posting about my daughter's competed bedroom.  It's been done for some time...just didn't get the time to take pictures.  You can see the "before" and "in progress" pictures here and here.

All of the bedding and pillows were ordered from Target. And the sheer curtains from JC Penney's.

I think her choice of art over the bed is wonderful!!  She made the macrame wall hanging inspired by this post at A Beautiful Mess.

The antique iron bed was purchased and sandblasted and painted by us over 15 years ago.

Looking right: The shelves were ordered from Amazon and the desk and chair were purchased at auctions over the years.  The pillow in the chair was one of her first 4h sewing projects.

I love her arrangement of things.  Favorite books and awards.

She is a bit of a minimalist.  No extraneous knickknacks for her.

I embroidered the arrow for her on lovely fabric purchased here.  The free "Grace and Peace" print can be found here.

And, this wonderful printable pdf was purchased here. I posted how I hung some of our prints here.

It's all so cozy!!

And, the diffused sunlight is inviting!

We share a love of plants. :)

The other side of the room.  I love coat trees and found this one just for her room. We have five coat trees in our home.  I had a bent wood one in my room growing up, I had asked for one for Christmas when I was in Jr. High.  

Among all the lovely vintage and antique, sits the technology of today.

Looking back out the door you can see a glimpse of her weaving and the city skyline mosaic she made for 4h last year   We had just visited Chicago when she began the mosaic project and that was her inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of her room! 

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  1. You guys are really gettin' er done! Whoo Hoo! It is such a personal reflection of your daughter, and it shows an orderly and contemplative spirit. Good for her! I love the pops of intense color.. <3

  2. It's all beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing! Your daughter has a great eye! I'm off to check out the links!

  3. Very pretty!!!
    Talent runs in your family.
    Happy Spring

  4. What an awesome room. My daughter is definitely on the minimalist side as well. Especially after being at college for the past four years. The less you bring with you the less you have to take home at the end of the school year.

  5. I'm loving the way the light falls through those sheers :o)


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