Finding Treasures

I thought it would be fun to show you a few of the great items I picked up and some garage sales yesterday.  I'll spare you pictures of all the great shorts and tops for my girls. :)

This bench.  It will find a home in one of the garden areas. Pretty sweet, it is.

And, then there's that wonderful book, metal frame, iron vessel of some sort, and vintage aluminum hemming pins. Well, the words on them say "hemming bird" but they are like a clothes pin.
There are measuring marks on them.  I've never seen those before and I have a large collection of vintage aluminum ware and vintage sewing paraphernalia! Score!

And, of course you must have noticed the vintage fabric back there?!  In this Instagram photo you can also see the barkcloth that came in the box of fabric that I bought.

I was running in and out of the house painting the little girls' fingernails while I took these photos and forgot to put all the fabric in or take a close up of the hemmingbirds.  Oh my goodness!!!  I just now got the pun, like "hummingbird"!!  Oh boy, sometimes I'm slow!

From the top. 

Oh. And, there are these.  Big jar full!  

And, because I like to play with depth of field...another picture of this vintage goodness.  Plus the jar is large, old, and with a wide mouth! I love storing items in these jars.

Of course I had to buy this vintage recipe box full of hand written recipes!  Day 2 of their sale, it was half off.  I'm so happy no one on day 1 noticed this beauty!

And, because I like to play with cropping my photos differently, you get to see another picture now too.

Hand written recipes will be going by the wayside.

And, speaking of things of life going by the wayside....mending.  These were in the bottom of the box of fabric!  I love them!  These are keepers!

You can see a bit more of the awesome bench here too.

It's cloudy and rainy here today so I'm grateful I could go out yesterday to the sales.  Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Wonderful finds. Love the recipe cards. Makes me think about the women who wrote those cards - I wonder what their stories are.

  2. fantastic finds! I love finding old recipe cards - great for collages. And I've never seen hemming birds...will have to keep my eye out for them...

  3. I've never heard of hemming birds before - major score! And all the vintage fabric... and the buttons... and the recipes... and... great finds all around.

  4. It takes a photographer and a lover of history to appreciate a recipe box of hand written recipes. I would write a story about it and photograph it. Actually one of the recent writing prompts I had was write a scene about a recipe and include the recipe. I guess I better start scouring for old recipe boxes.

  5. How exciting! Love the bench! And the jar of buttons! And the fabric! X


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