106 Vintage: Vintage Store in Coleridge Nebraska

This past Saturday while on an Easter family visit we were able to go along with some of my family to visit Cammie Methany at 106 Vintage. You may be familiar with Cammie as a contributor to Flea Market Style Magazine.  She is also a regular vendor at Junk Bonanza. You can follow her on Facebook for shop updates and her show schedule.

What a treat to visit her store!
I think I'll start her shop tour from the top down.

I missed most of the historical information she gave my sister and brother in law, but I know that this used to be an opera house.

It ceased being an opera house and became a grocery store in the mid to late 1800s.

Cammie and her husband have restored a lot of building.  Look at the lights and ceiling!


They discovered Fresco paintings hidden behind walls as they renovated!

Another one.

And another on the other side of the store.  Can you imagine Nebraska in the 1800s hiring artists to come to the plains to paint these?

Much to see.

You can see more of the paintings here too.  They go along the top of the walls. If you look in the way back you can see a door opening.  You'll see a picture of her lounge area in there in a bit.

Oh, hello Bonnie!

And, now to head down.  Loving those level shelves there on the right.  Yes, I have no fewer than 10 vintage levels in my garage just waiting to be shelves!

We were there after her Spring Market and I'm thinking there were more frames hanging here before.  But, I was taken with the the shapes and the empty spaces.  Now if you can't get to Coleridge, you better keep your eyes out for these little frames while you are out thrifting and fill a space with "framed space"!

I do not remember who is the company that makes all these fine bags she sells, but what a great selection!  They were all so well made from vintage fabrics.

A small collection of these would do well on a wall as art all by themselves too.

If only we all had room for old truck doors in our homes!  

A cozy nook.  Bed springs as a display board.  :)

Would be very cool in any reading nook.

Letters and numbers are so popular and they don't need to mean anything...they just sit being very cool.

Buntings can be added to your own shelves at home!

Hey, I have a similar stool!

Should I have warned you that there were going to be a lot of pictures?!

Cammie knows how to create vignettes....!

Vintage religious pieces and art...my favorite!

A closet of flannel. Plaid flannel.  This. is. me. 
I am wearing plaid flannel from a garage sale as I now type.

Oh, I do.

This is, isn't it?!

I really like the jewelry holders she sells.

Remember, anything can be a shelf....a wagon....a ski...part of a telephone pole....a suitcase...

This may be a refrigerator door.  Perfectly rusted.

From the back of the store now.

Because I love silhouettes.

From the 1880s! Nebraska didn't even become a state until 1867.

Here's the small lounge area I mentioned earlier.

More in the lounge area.  All for sale though.

Hmm...cart could be a sofa table or bedside table?  Plant stand?

This yard stick lamp shade was one of her Flea Market Style Magazine projects.

Only a couple more pictures...

I believe you would be impressed with the quality of these upcycled silverware jewelry pieces.  I was!

I'll leave you with this last silhouette and dreamy glimpse at treasures in her store!

Enjoy your Easter week!


  1. I think we'd like to see what needful things you brought home, Jill Ruth!
    Isn't it amazing to think that our ancestors found their entertainment in opera houses, where they more than likely enjoyed and understood such things as Shakespeare. And now we treasure the utilitarian objects of their daily lives. I wonder what they'd think of us!!

  2. Wow. That's an amazing space!

  3. I see some real goodies. Thanks for the tour.

  4. Coleridge, huh? So worth a trip!

  5. thanks for the tour Jill! always interesting to see junk in whatever place it is...and yes, those frescoes on the walls are amazing!


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