A Birthday Party!

Our Granddaughter turned 3 this past week and we went yesterday to help celebrate.  What a cute family picture. :)

My daughter dressed up the dining room with just a few things.  Mostly purchased (Target!), but she did make the bow garland out of felt.  Very cute!

I thought this was so festive hanging from the light fixture.

Noisemakers?!  It was like New Year's Eve for a few minutes.  And, then the adults had had all the fun they could handle. Ha!

They moved into a new to them house, but almost 100 years old last summer.  I love the openness from the front living room, through a den to a back room which they are using as a toy room, to see into their backyard.  So open and spacious!  That's my youngest playing with the birthday girl and her new toys.

We always check out the renovations and decorating progress when we visit.

Our second granddaugher will be arriving in early August!!!  My daughter is painting this wall in the nursery and we decided it would make a great backdrop for photos!

Jump in daughter #2 and her boyfriend...let's get a picture!

I'll show you more of the nursery when it gets finished.  I think this wall is fantastic!  It's covering up an old paneled wall.

As I was taking pictures of the rooms upstairs to show you all later...my oldest girls decided to take a group selfie....a groupie, I guess.

Right before we left I got my little gals with the birthday girl for a quick picture.  

I'll show you my granddaughter's room and the master bedroom later.  Hopefully, this week yet.  We have a first communion coming up this Sunday!

If you like looking at party decorations:  
She turned one here.
She turned two here.

Have a great week!


  1. Love this! and my darling daughter has those same linens on her bed! great minds....

  2. It was my daughter's birthday last week too! I really can't believe how fast the time goes by. Your images are beautiful and will make treasured memories for your family.

  3. Happy times and so many sweet smiling faces!
    Enjoy ♥ Enjoy!!!


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