The Big Girl Room

Welcome to the "big girl room"!  I mentioned Monday, in the birthday party post, that I had taken a few pictures of our granddaughter's bedroom.  There is a tour of her nursery, aka The Baby Cave, in their old home here.

Look at that bed and bedding!  Both purchased off of Craig's List.  Wow.  That bed is so old and so beautiful!

Much of the decor came from her last room of course and now that she's out of the crib and in the bed, the art work above needs to be moved, but there may be some other tweaking going on yet so it's a work in progress.

The wall opposite the door when you walk in: an old movie poster, her silhouette we made here from a photograph I took of her, and her baptism dress.

A little closer...

She also framed a book page from a Madeline book that she thrifted and was in rough condition.

The once changing table/dresser is now just a dresser.  

The shelves from her old room made it over and continue to hold her books at easy reach!  There will hopefully be another set built to go in the new nursery.

A cozy reading and snuggling corner. :)

Truth be told, I wasn't so sure when I saw the walls painted such a bold color....but wow, the impact once it was all together is impressive! I just love it all!

Thanks for touring around with me in my granddaughter's room.  My daughter really has a knack for putting new, old, vintage, and thrifted together for one beautiful look!


Thanks for taking the time to stop and visit!

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