Friday Finds

I thought I'd post about some of the treasures I've found during the last month.  I haven't been out much but did find a few things at an antique store, thrift store, and an estate sale.
I maybe should have passed on this stool since I have quite a few but gosh, a person needs a place to rest with character, right?
These old aluminum spice containers made me smile all big inside when I saw the price.  Yep, they're coming home with me.  We've used two sets of salt and pepper shakers that match in our kitchen for years.
And these were found in the same antique store.  It was my first visit there where I actually got to go in and not just peak in the window....will be going back. 
Art Deco graphics....
Pretty wonderful!  I have not decided if they will actually store items in my pantry or in the sewing room.  Because we all know that truth be told....Tupperware is better for storage.  Ouch.  That does hurt.
I used to walk on by the old metal frames, not old enough to be really neat, but I'm seeing them in a new light now.  Especially the hinged ones.  Not sure why I like them now, but thought I'd bring home a couple and see if I find a use for them.
This one had a cool label in it as a bonus
Also at the thrift store:
These hand made round knitting looms looked like they were full of potential.  Maybe loom knitting for my little girls or perhaps to use for a round weaving project?
I thought I better take them too. 

Maybe these paper dolls and clothes will find their way to the new frames?
The dresses are magazine page thin and they don't all "fit" a doll.
These are sure cute even though the poor gal on the left has been decapitated.
My offer for this set of quite chipped and aged dishes at the estate sale was met with an overly exuberant "Gosh, yes!"
And I thought...hmmm...should have offered less
Not needing any more dishes at all, I was so excited to leave with only three of the 7 cups for sale at the thrift store.  (What? that didn't make sense to you?)
Old books always have a new home here.

I liked the title and content of this one.
Lots of fun information in it and possible collage material.
I'm happy you stopped by!  Have you found any treasures lately?
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  1. Now there's a blast from the past ... my father-in-law, whose first language wasn't English, had a copy of the letter writing book.

  2. That's quite a haul, Jill Ruth!! I'll bet those dishes are W. S. George!! ♥♥
    your anonymous friend xoxoxoxoxo

  3. I would love to see what you would find if you had been out a lot :) Those spice contains are AWESOME!

  4. Quite a few amazing finds there. I can just imagine the photos each of these finds will bring.

  5. Makes me wish I lived closer and could have tagged along! And then come over later and play paper dolls!

  6. Makes me wish I lived closer and could have tagged along! And then come over later and play paper dolls!

  7. OH SO many wonderful treasures!!!
    I would have been in BIG trouble...
    I keep trying to behave and stay away from temptation (like china and frames and that stool OH MY!)
    We have Jim's father's fold out step stool that has THE most wonderful green paint and patina.
    Your photo has no shadows and looks so perfect...I could not have resisted either!


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