Memory Game From Fabric Scraps

 A while back I found these tutorials, here and here, to make a memory game for a toddler from fabric. I thought it was the neatest idea.  The one used wool felt and Liberty of London fabric.  

I went looking through my scraps and found what I'll call Liberty of London wanna-bes.  They do a pretty good job of it and all were picked up at a garage sale...someone else's scraps.  Kept in a shoe box by them, then to my stash, and now they live on in a cute game for my granddaughter!

I don't have a tutorial for you, but if you are a sewer/maker kind of person you can do this easily.  The above links to the tutorials are really nice games but FAR more time consuming that I wanted.  

I used one color (orange) for the back, muslin for the other side of the backing and then 12 different patterns for the front game part.  I fused the muslin to iron on interfacing and the small pieces to iron on interfacing too.  Then with  brand new pinking shears (I was so excited to finally break down and buy a new one!  I had four pairs of pinking shears all of which couldn't cut butter)

I don't remember what measurements I used for sure, you'd need to make a practice one to see what you like...I think it was 3 1/4" for the smaller square and 4" for the larger one. I was in a big hurry as it was before Christmas and just started cutting and sewing and now it's not here to go measure.

The Process: I drew with a pencil a 3 1/4 " square on the patterned fabrics and then pinked right on top of my pencil line.  I cut out larger 4" squares of the orange and muslin. I laid down the patterned smaller squares on the muslin and stitched around, just inside my pinked edges.  Then with wrong sides together, I put the orange fabric to the muslin and sewed all around the edges about at a 1/2" seam allowance and then pinked the edges. 
I made 24 blocks, 2 each of 12 patterns.

Then from the left over interfaced fused scaps I made the bag for her to tote them around in.  VERY simply constructed, but it works!

I made the one handle big enough that the game pieces could easily be slid in there, or if my granddaughter puts them in, stuffed in there!

These pictures were hastily taken in my sewing room with my phone so I'm sorry about that, but so it goes.

I ♥ hand-made.


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