This Isn't Pretty But It Works

Since I was first introduced to altered books many years ago, I've wanted to make one to use not as a prayer journal per se, but as a beautiful place to keep prayers, clippings, prayer cards, and the like.
Well.  It hasn't happened.
Thankfully, I know me.  And, when I wanted this type of book, I thought I better make do and I did.
I hadn't used it in awhile and when I got it out, I realized that it would be a good thing to share here with you.  Lent is just around the corner and this may be a good time to start such a book.  I'm guessing I've had this book for at least 14 years.
It's just a plain non descript photo album with slide-in plastic photo holders.  And, it works perfectly for what I wanted.
It works so well to slide in prayer cards that you'd like to keep and use. (Us Catholics sure love our prayer cards!!)
See an article that you'd like to keep?  or read a meditation that touches you?  Slip it in a sleeve.
I used to write down scriptures and either carry around with me or put up on the bulletin board or refrigerator for awhile.  Then slip them in here.  See?  Nothing nice about my scribbling, but one of my kid's scribbling is cute to see here!
On the left is a picture of Pope John Paul II that was given to me from a woman who gave me a rosary blessed by him during the visit when she took the picture.  On the right, more scribbling by one of my kids.  How ironic that they drew on my prayer, Mother's Petitions to Mary!
It's stuffed and some papers I folded to fit, others hang out, I can toss some when I want to make more room.  But, it holds quite a bit. 
You can jot down a prayer or a thought anywhere, carry it around in your pocket and it has a resting place here.   The beauty is, no order necessary.  Easy. Flip through to find what you want or just to find a place to sit in prayer.
Maybe not pretty or creative, but it works.


  1. That's so much better than a little file box! Or bits of paper all over my desk. Thank you for this wonderful idea, Jill Ruth!! xoxoxoxox

  2. I think your prayer journal is a wonderful idea. I keep a small notebook with quotes and scriptures in it. Easy to fit through when I need something.

  3. Well it looks quite wonderful to me...
    I bow to you Jill and your organizational skills!


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