New Prints and A Way to Hang Them

A few weeks ago I found some neat prints to purchase from the Caravan Shoppe.  I've posted here before about some other downloads I've purchased and my experience with them.  They sure have some cute work.

This one is currently hanging in my basement, but may find a new home.  The lighting is low down there and there is no sun today so the pictures are a bit grainy.

How to go about printing and hanging...always something to think about.  I took the files over to the UPS store on a jump drive.  The store in Columbus near us is VERY helpful!  I had the posters printed smaller than the large size they come in (36"x48") for two reasons: to reduce cost of the printing and I really didn't want a huge poster. 
Mine is about 17" x 24".  Which then leads to how to hang it?  It won't fit in standard poster frames...

I stumbled upon this while my girls were looking for Frozen posters at Walmart.  Any body else have kids that are CRAZY about that movie?!  The poster hanger consists of two plastic pieces to hang on the top and bottom of the poster and a little clear tab that sticks on the top to hang it from.  You just slide the poster in....well....not exactly. The pieces are waaaayyyyy too tight to slide these in without tearing them.  And, they are too long.

So, I measured and cut them to size with my Dremmel, using the cutting wheels that came with it.  That went pretty well.  Then I used all those annoying cards you accumulate in your wallet to slide on to the piece to widen it slightly so I could slide the poster on to it.

Moving about 1/2" to 1" at a time I slid the plastic frame pieces on.

This one will be hanging in my 14 y/o daughter's room.   She's pretty happy with it.  Obviously, she's an avid reader.

These posters cost about $10 to print at the UPS store.  You can get them printed for less if you choose blueprints at a place like Staples, but they would be on very light weight paper.  I love the weight of these I had done; a little heavier than posters you buy in a store. The poster hangers were $3 each. 

I also picked up this free print the day I shopped at the Caravan Shoppe.  It was printed just on cardstock at the UPS store for about 38 cents.  I don't have a picture of it as I sent it with one of my girls.

And, then I picked up this one.  It makes me smile and is a good reminder when my mental list and expectations get too big and long!  

Anyone else have that problem?!

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  1. These prints are very cute! I usually make prints and then find a cheap frame. Thank you for the link to the Caravan Shoppe. I will definitely check out their prints.

  2. Great finds and thanks for the tutorial on the posters.

  3. Those look great! Very nice post!

  4. great idea about the poster hanging - I print up some of my designs in a larger size and this would be perfect for displaying them -thanks!
    and the prints you have of the cameras and books are fantastic!

  5. Very cool. I did not know about these..and BTW basement looking good! :D Are you finished working down there?

  6. Great idea to use these poster hangers. I have a one I need to hang and never thought about this idea. Thanks for sharing.


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