Texture Tuesday

It's been so long since I've posted here I was a little rusty remembering how I go about it.  As I type my 14 year old just "rosined up the bow" to try and play her sister's violin.  No one here knows how to play it, but there is desire.  And, you tube videos.  
The words "dying cat" were just uttered.

I took this picture in my oldest daughters "new to them" house.  It was built in the 1920s and I was pretty excited to get some pictures in it before the new paint and flooring is in.  I sure hope to share more of their before and afters here.

I keep hearing "where did the summer go" uttered around town and the web...I certainly don't have the answer, ha!

I thought I'd jump back in to blogging with a Texture Tuesday post with Kim Klassen.  
Begin again....fresh...each day... is what came to mind as I edited this picture.
Promising. Hopeful.

Hope to see you back here before another 2 months roll by!



  1. Nice to see a post from you pop up in my reader. Summer is going by in a zooooom.

  2. Welcome back :) Lovely old wood floor, a beauty to capture. My daughter played the viola, but thankfully she never really liked to practice.

  3. Lovely to see you here Jill...
    missed ya!
    Time does seem to travel at warp speed doesn't it...
    Your photo (exciting house stuff ahead!!!) and words are just perfect
    Happy August!

  4. first visit here from kim's linkup, and you sound like me, jill! i hadn't blogged for much longer than two months, but i've finally made it back for two weeks in a row now. i also have another blog for every day happenings, and it seems like i'm always apologizing for 'beginning again'! life happens and calls everyone away from time to time, and yes, i'm also wondering where summer went. seems it was called away earlier than normal around here, as well.

    i really like this image ... older homes have so much character and potential. i'm very grateful that each day is a new canvas and we can begin again, and that His mercies are new every morning! sure hope we can see some of those before and afters, too! i also love to 'fiddle' with my friend's violin ... i can't read a note, but still it's fun! hope to see more from you here soon! enjoy your day! :)

  5. fantastic photo paired with a great quote...yes, where does the time go...though I have to admit that taking a month long trip in June did make me appreciate summer and enjoy the warmth...

  6. Welcome back! And what a lovely photograph.


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