Black and White Wednesday

Hello to you all!  I've missed posting here and thought I'd join in with Black and White Wednesday to let you know I'm still around. :)

If you follow along on instagram, you may know that my son has high aspirations of making a canoe out of a big tree trunk from our place. 

The other day he whittled while watching the trunk burn out.  (He went to a soap carving club in college...ever hear of that?)

Not perfect, but for a short amount of time...he has a spear.  I want to whittle!

I need to find him a strap of leather from my sewing room to replace the string!

Playing with the hose and making rivers is always fun.

This daughter is often the instigator to get the younger ones building waterways, dams, and the like outside.

Shall we spear the fish or use the old bait and hook way??  
They caught a few little fish...with a hook...

I hope your summer is off to a good start! 

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  1. These are wonderful! My 24yo lives to go camping! I showed him the "burning out the canoe" video you posted and he thought it was awesome! Nothing like times like this with family. I hope we get to see pics of the canoe out on the water!! SO SO glad you linked up!!

  2. Pretty impressive for a short amount of time on whittling. I hope the canoe turns out awesome.

  3. Wonderful black and white photos Jill
    making a canoe from scratch is quite an awe inspiring operation...
    can't wait for the photos of the first time it hits the water :)

  4. I must not follow you on Instagram! Need to fix that! Great pics!!!

  5. I did soap carving as a Girl Guide ... never made a spear though! Enjoy the summer Jill :)


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