Woodland Fairy Garden

One of my daughter's 4-H projects this year was to create a fairy garden.

This has become a pretty popular project according to all the fairy gardens you can see online and all the entries we've seen at the two fairs we attended.  The state fair last year had quite a few entries also.

The pot could only be 12 inches in diameter so that kept the garden fairly small.  

The kids could buy accessories for the garden so I figured it was okay then if her sisters and I helped her make accessories. 

 A board cut to the shape of a house was simply "shingled" with pieces from a pine cone.  Hot glue was used instead of nails....

Cut up twigs made the little fence. Moss cut to the shape of a hobbit door was glued onto the cottage with a pebble used as a knob.

A milkweed pod and branch were used for the hanging swing.

The little fairy was fashioned from the inside of the pine cone that was deconstructed for the cottage roof shingles and then a tiny acorn from the tree in our front yard became her head.  Along with a little dried sphagnum moss for her hair and she was done.

The wreath was made from the wire vine planted in the little garden and the path are dark rocks selected from our lane.

She received a blue ribbon for her garden as the plants should have all been houseplants...so it goes.  It's been growing now inside for weeks so we will see if it lasts through the winter.

Wouldn't it be fun to make a large one for your outside garden?  This one was certainly economical using almost all found nature items for the accessories!

I'm linking up today with Frugal Friday at the Shabby Nest.


  1. Such a wonderful fairy garden! Even better knowing you made most of the items, it can get pricey if you purchase them. I was in 4-H when I was little and we never made anything as fun as a fairy garden. :)

  2. How sweet with all of the lovely details and it's growing!
    I have kept a fairy garden just off our back porch in an old birdbath for a few years now.
    The last couple of years I have noticed lots of fun items for sale at the garden store, but making your own holds extra charm...great project.


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