Texture Tuesday: Fresh :: Local

We do garden, but our fresh grocery list still need supplementing.  We made a few trips to the small Farmer's Market here in town before our garden kicked in and I hope to get there again now this fall. 

Our garden is sooooo full of weeds you would never know that there is produce hiding in there!

After our first visit we snapped a few pictures of the sugar snap peas we picked up before we devoured them within minutes of getting home.

I just wanted to give a plug to fresh and local wherever you are!


I used Kim's texture "2810" desaturated on the above image.  It's one of my favorite textures of hers.


  1. Great image! The light going through the sugar snap pea is wonderful!

  2. Such a nice image and processing! We love 'fresh and local' here in our area, Jill. So sorry to say, but I've never been fond of snap peas, although my hubby is! Enjoy your week! :)

  3. I was so good at weeding at the beginning of summer but like always I don't care by August. We have had zucchini, spaghetti squash and heirloom tomatoes from our garden with an eggplant on its way. I still visit the Farmer's market every week for fruit.

  4. Love this shot and the backlighting!!!!

  5. Weeds wage a mighty battle and seem to thrive under all conditions...
    Yummy photo Jill!
    Locally grown food would address lots of issues...
    I always feel a bit spoiled going to the supermarket in winter being able to buy a watermelon for example.

  6. Lovely. I try to buy locally grown too.


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