Paula's Garden 2014

For anyone who has been visiting here awhile you know that my friend Paula has a neat garden!  My two youngest and I were invited to visit and enjoy a picnic including grilled hamburgers with her again this year.  I hope you enjoy touring along with us again this year. :)
Previous posts from her garden:   

 A picture of my girls on her bridge has become kind of a tradition now.

An antique buggy as a garden prop!

She picked up this cute snail at a yard sale.  It's shaped from copper tubing. Cute? Yes?!

She still has hopes of getting a vine to grow up her dead pine tree.  It will, just needs time.

She asked her husband to weld a bottle tree for her out of rebar. 

These wire spools are really neat just as a prop in the garden.

Another yard sale find...very neat!

This peacock adds lots of color!

Flowering Kale (Note to self: must plant next year)

She said she tried an area of natural sculpted grass and it looked great until the grass got too long and laid down.  I can certainly see the potential!

On her front porch.

And vignettes from her covered picnic shelter...

Old wicker chair, old quilt, plant....kind of perfect...

My girls could have stayed awhile longer!

Thank you once again Paula for such a nice visit!


  1. I love all the great finds in her garden. She has created a wonderful place to wander.

  2. Your photos are great and Paula's garden is incredible...
    it would be hard to pick a favorite thing.
    Mr Magpie (who is a welder) promised me a bottle tree, I have been saving blue bottles for it.
    Great ritual to take a photo of your girls on the same bridge each year...
    watching them grow and flourish too!

  3. Thanks for another visit to Paula's garden. It's so full of whimsical items that would be fun to explore.


Thanks for taking the time to stop and visit!

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